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If you’re looking for a way to plan your trips and compare biking, walking, taking transit, carpooling and driving alone, look no further than My Way to Go. The My Way to Go mobile friendly website allows you to plug in a starting point and a destination, plans a route for you based on various modes of travel, and shows you the differences in calories burned, cost and carbon emissions. If carpooling is your way to go, My Way to Go can match you with carpool partners. And if you’re looking for a way to track your trips and see how the carbon savings stack up, you can do that too! Try My Way to Go today.


In Spring 2012, Transportation Solutions joined a partnership with the Denver Regional Council of Governments and fellow transportation management organizations around the metro area to organize a regional effort to reduce the number of drive-alone commuters. Through programs like Bike to Work DayRTD EcoPass and FlexPass, van- and carpool-matching through Way to Go and outreach to employers, community groups, and schools, this Regional TDM Partnership aims to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, improve access to alternative modes of transportation, and encourage healthy lifestyles.

This Partnership is funded through a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement grant. By sharing resources and pooling the proven experience and successes of the partners, this program will be an efficient and effective use of taxpayer funds. The Partnership has now launched a regional campaign, Stop Being an SOV, to create awareness of the issues that Way to Go will help solve.

Our partners include:

Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
36 Commuting Solutions
Boulder East Community Transportation Options
Downtown Denver Partnership
South I-25 Urban Corridor Transportation Management Association
Stapleton Area Transportation Management Association
Smart Commute Metro North

Current Projects

To implement the goals of the Partnership in our service area, Transportation Solutions is focusing on several key areas:

Employer Outreach 

To reduce demand for parking and implement employee transportation benefits like RTD pass subsidies, van/carpooling programs, commute challenges, and incentives. We also offer ‘Future of Commuting’ Employer Seminars and a quarterly Employer Newsletter

Community Outreach

Engage schools, neighborhoods, religious groups, and senior groups in learning about transportation alternatives and we hold quarterly Community Council meetings to bring people together around issues of transportation


Facilitate Bike to Work Day Breakfast Stations, Cherry Creek Sneak, Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Glendale Metro Mile, Try Transit events, and transportation fairs at work sites

Local Policies and Projects

Participate in policy that encourages walking, biking, and public transit, making presentations to local and regional decision-makers, and working with developers, local governments, and community groups to plan and implement infrastructure and streetscape design that improves walkability and public transit connection

Regional Marketing Campaigns

The Future Isn’t Here Yet

The current campaign aims to bring awareness to commute options that are available today by catching people’s attention with commute options that are definitely not available…yet! Check it out:

The Future Isn't Here Yet example

Map of billboard locations

Stop Being an SOV

You may have seen billboards, like the one below, or heard radio commercials last summer about not being an SOV.  Those ads were created through the work and resources of the Partnership to help bring awareness about alternative commute modes to a larger, regional audience.


Make sure to explore Transportation SolutionsWay to Go Portal to learn more!

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For additional information about the Way to Go project, send us an email or call us at 303-377-7086!

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