Trip Assistance Program

Exploring The Benefits of Alternative Transportation

Transportation Solutions is wrapping up a grant that tried connecting citizens with the multimodal choices available to them in the area.  The options available in different parts of the area are different, and so are the challenges, which is why a personalized approach works so well.  By reaching out to people where they live, work, or shop, the program asks people to pledge to taking a few alternative trips to be and try something new.  The campaign to let people know about different options unlocks an array of benefits including:

  • LESS STRESS Dealing with stop and go traffic is stressful. Start your day in a more relaxing way by getting to work by bike, transit or carpool.
  • IMPROVED HEALTH Use the time already dedicated to your morning commute to fit in some exercise.
  • MONEY SAVINGS Spend less on gas, car insurance, and parking!

About the Trip Assistance Program

  • FOCUSED ON THE AREAS within one mile of the Colorado and Alameda light rail stations.
  • THESE AREAS EXPERIENCE major traffic congestion, yet have access to easy to use alternatives.
  • FUNDED THROUGH the Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant.

Participants in the Trip Assistance Program Receive

  • A CUSTOMIZED TRIP ASSISTANCE PACKET Including a multimodal travel guide, maps and customized directions to help you find your way.
  • PERSONALIZED TRIP ASSISTANCE If you have a question about biking, transit, or carpooling, give us a call.
  • WALKING, BIKING AND TRANSIT TOURS Learn about different options for getting around and get to know your neighborhood at the same time.

Personalized Trip Planning Map

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