West Corridor TMA Feasibility Study


Transportation Solutions, working in cooperation with the City and County of Denver, The City of Lakewood, Denver Housing Authority, and Metro West Housing Solutions, to complete a feasibility study for the formation of a Transportation Management Association (TMA) along the West Corridor.

Proposed TMA Service Area Draft


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What is a TMA?

Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) emerged around the world in the early 1980s as public-private partnerships designed to address traffic congestion, mobility and air quality problems in specific geographic areas. TMAs are designed to be flexible to meet the specific transportation challenges within a community and thus no two TMAs are exactly alike. Today, over 150 TMAs are in operation, primarily in the United States, Canada, Japan and the Netherlands. TMAs are generally structured as independent, non-profit organizations, funded by key stakeholder groups from the area (major employers, developers, property managers, educational institutions, government entities, etc.).

Depending on location and circumstances, the services typically provided by TMAs vary considerably. However, as their name suggests, TMAs are primarily engaged in developing, coordinating, and implementing “transportation management” activities. Transportation management strategies include a wide array of programs and policies designed to maximize the efficient utilization of existing transportation investments. Simply put, this means getting existing resources to work better – and can include things such as:

  • Working with employers to develop commute programs enhancing the travel choices available to employees (and addressing recruitment/retention issues for employers).
  • Working with public transit providers to maximize the use of existing (and future) services, and coordinating route or schedule alterations to better serve the area.
  • Coordinating with state and local transportation agencies to improve traffic flow, including addressing traffic signal-timing and intersection improvements.

In addition to developing and coordinating transportation management strategies, a primary strength of TMAs is often their ability to bring a variety of stakeholders together to jointly address transportation challenges – and to give stakeholders a unified voice in advocating for enhanced transportation investments and coordination in their area. Other typical services include conducting ridesharing promotional events at employment sites, producing periodicals and brochures promoting alternative transportation, forming vanpools and carpools, managing parking resources, selling transit passes, promoting the use of bicycle facilities and much more.

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