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Walk and Bike to School Days

Transportation Solutions assists area schools with participation in Walk to School Day each fall and Bike to School Day each spring. These global initiatives involve communities from more than 40 countries walking and biking to school. Interested in getting your school involved? Email us.

Here’s an article from 2015’s WTSD

We can provide resources to help schools host their event such as:

  • fliers to encourage students to participate
  • stickers for each participant and small prizes for a drawing
  • a banner for participants to sign and display in a hallway or gymnasium after the event

Safe Routes to School

Transportation Solutions is a participantwalktoschoolday2012_1 in the Denver Safe Routes to School Coalition, which was established in March 2007. Denver City Council signed Proclamation 15 to establish the Coalition, with the charge to develop a Denver Safe Routes to School Action Plan. The Coalition includes a wide range of health, safety and alternative transportation organizations that work collaboratively. We have also worked with the City of Denver and allies to implement a comprehensive approach to encouraging Safe Routes to Schools through the Denver Moves plan. See the Complete Streets section of our website for more info.


Past Accomplishments

Transportation Solutions has also worked with local elementary schools and neighborhood groups to foster safe routes to schools. We partnered with Bromwell Elementary, Cory Elementary and Steck Elementary on a mapping project from 2007-2009 and produced useful and easy-to-read Walking & Biking Maps tailored to each school. Maps were distributed to the communities to help students and their parents find safe routes to their schools.

During national bike month (May, 2014) high school students at George Washington and South High Schools participated in bike safety training. As a partnership between Transportation Solutions and AAA Colorado, the training included both how to stay safe while riding around town and how to be a safe driver when there are bikes on the road. Students at George Washington High School also received bikes provided through a generous donation from Recycle Bicycles.

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