Programs & Projects

Regional Travel Demand Management Partnership

Organizing Bike to Work Day, Van/Carpool Matching, and RTD programs, this partnership was formed to engage employers, commuters, and communities to further increase the use of alternative transportation.

Multi-Station Plan & Mobility Study

Transportation Solutions, working in cooperation with the City and County of Denver, has launched the Mulit-Station Plan and Mobility Study for Colorado and University Stations!

Leetsdale/Parker Corridor Campaign

Designed to reduce travel demand and congestion along key corridors, these campaigns promote other modes among employers, schools, and community groups.

Personalized Trip Planning

Over a two year period, this project will target residents and employers individually, who live and work within a 1-mile radius of both the Alameda Light Rail Station and Colorado Station.  The goal of this project is to increase the use of all alternate modes of transportation for commuting and non-work trips through collaborating with local neighborhoods and employers.

Safe Routes to School

Developed to promote student walking/biking safety and awareness, this program focuses on infrastructure improvements, policy, events, and walk-to-school programs.

Bike Buddies

The Bike Buddies Program seeks to match experienced commuters with those who would like to give it a try, along the South Cherry Creek Trail Corridor. Participants will receive a safety training, managed outings, and lots of giveaways.

University of Denver Transportation Center

Located on the DU campus, this office is staffed by students who educate faculty, staff, and fellow students about RTD, biking, and carsharing.

Connector Study

RTD recently partnered with Transportation Solutions to to initiate a feasibility study of transit service the Denver Union Station/Cherry Creek/Glendale corridor,  to determine market potential for transit services in the corridor connecting Denver Union Station, the Cherry Creek area and City of Glendale and what transit services and enhancements would be feasible to meet this need in combination with commuter needs.

Community Council

Community Council meetings bring together registered neighborhood organizations (RNOs) throughout Southeast Denver and high-profile speakers to talk about transportation issues in a community context.

Glendale Active Living

Transportation Solutions is providing technical assistance to the City of Glendale to improve the pedestrian and bicycle environment and multi-modal connectivity within the city through a ”Putting Active Living in Place” project. Transportation Solutions is implementing three inter-related but distinct projects to increase walking, biking, and transit use in commercial centers and other locations of central activity.

Bike to Work Day

Colorado Bike to Work Day (BTWD)  is an annual event on the fourth Wednesday in June across Colorado. In Denver, BTWD is sponsored by the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and draws thousands of participants to breakfast stations and bike home stations across the city. Transportation Solutions staff, fellows and volunteers participate by distributing Bike Safety information and bike-related “swag.”


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