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My Way to Go is your one-stop shop for info on transit, biking, walking, carpooling, vanpooling, and telework. 

Changing how you commute just one day a week helps reduce traffic, improve air quality, and save you time and money. Transportation Solutions is the Way to Go provider for the Southeast Denver region. Need help understanding your options? Email us!

Visit My Way to Go or click any of the images below to start planning a better commute using alternative modes!



When you climb aboard an RTD bus or light rail train, you are starting a commute that will ease your stress and your costs. RTD’s more than 140 local, express and regional bus routes and expanding rail make it simple for you to get where you need to go while you sit back and relax.




When you choose to bike to work, you are making a healthy choice for both you and your bank account. Biking between work and home is absolutely free and gives you time and fresh air to clear your head. That’s a great bonus for you and the environment as you take another vehicle off the road.




You are making a healthy choice for both you and your bank account when walking to work. The added exercise has proven to make people more productive and energized throughout their day. Another great bonus for you and the environment!




When you carpool you’ll spend half as much on your daily commute and maintenance costs even if you carpool with just one other person. Plus, you’ll be helping the environment and minimizing traffic by getting another car off the road.



If you travel 15 miles or more each way on your commute, consider gathering coworkers and friends within your route to start a vanpool. Vanpools give access to a van for 5-15 people, complete with insurance, maintenance and fuel, splitting the costs between all members of your vanpool, saving money and lowering stress.



Teleworking allows employees to work remotely from an alternate location one day or more a week or as needed, based on projects or inclement weather. Telework provides employees with a way to balance their home and work lives, creating a happier, more productive environment for everyone.





Carsharing gives you access to a car without all the costs of owning a car. And, when you drive a car only when you need to, as most carsharers do, you’ll help take cars off the road, reducing traffic and pollution in the process. It’s a win/win.




Connect with families in your neighborhood to share in the responsibilities of getting the kids to school and back via carpooling, walking, biking or riding RTD together.



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