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Station Area Master Plan 

Starting January 1, 2016, Transportation Solutions is working on a mobility study for the DU and Colorado Center light rail stations.  The station have served area commuters and residents as gateways to South-Central Denver for 9 years.  A design that activates them through more sensitive pedestrian design, enhanced connectivity, and active promotion of Travel Demand Management strategies could benefit the area.

The goal is to combine public and private investment for the best possible outcome.  The DU station area needs to be energized to entice public and private investment.  The spatial constraints and lack of intense uses near the station dictate an innovative process to achieve that goal.

Other Outreach and Partnerships


  • Employing students to be transportation ambassadors on campus
  • Tabling at different DU events, like the Crimson Classic 5 K race
  • Reaching out to the surrounding neighborhoods and other groups in Denver to increase campus connectivity
  • Working with Living and Learning Communities students to create transportation awareness projects
  • Collaborating with the Center for Sustainability to provide information to students about sustainable transportation
  • Partnering with the Pioneer ID Card Office to answer student transit questions

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For more information about work being done at University of Denver, email us or call the office at 303-377-7086!


In 2006, spurred by the opening of the Southeast light rail line and the University of Denver station just blocks from campus, Chancellor Daniel L. Richie made it a priority for the University to do more to promote transit. During that time, the University reached out to Transportation Solutions to develop a plan to encourage students, faculty and staff to drive less. Transportation Solutions created a set of recommendations for the University and has been partnering with the University in this effort since that time.

In June 2007, Chancellor Robert Coombe signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, making it even more urgent for the University and Transportation Solutions to promote modes of transportation that help the University strive for climate neutrality.

In 2009, Transportation Solutions received a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant, which enabled us to increase our presence at the University for 2010 and 2011, resulting in a reduction of 1.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

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