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Transportation Solutions provides technical assistance to the City of Glendale to improve the pedestrian and bicycle environment and multi-modal connectivity within the city through a “Putting Active Living in Place” project. Transportation Solutions works to increase walking, biking, and transit use in commercial centers and other locations of central activity.

Ongoing Projects

Leetsdale as a Living Street

The City of Glendale has committed to installing pedestrian safety improvements at the intersection of Leetsdale and Cherry Street, which sees large volumes of foot traffic from the Greek Orthodox Church, Jewish Community Center and new King Soopers. Safety improvements include countdown timers, improved street signage and embedded lights in the crosswalks. In addition, funding for a covered bus stop on the north side of the street has been identified from the Transit Alliance. Both RTD and the Greek Orthodox Church (where the stop will be located) are supportive. Actual changes to the intersection are delayed due to ongoing negotiations between CDOT and the City of Denver.

Making Cherry Street a “Complete Street”

There is a great need to make Cherry St. pedestrian and bike friendly. Transportation Solutions held several meetings with Glendale staff to discuss approaches on how to do this. The project brought in national walkable communities expert Dan Burden in the fall of 2011 to conduct a “walkabaility” audit and to provide recommendations for Cherry Street and other pieces of the Glendale street grid. Recommended improvements include safety improvements at specific intersections and the overall street designs, such as safe crosswalks, bike lanes, and wider sidewalks.

In addition, a multimodal facility located within the planned Riverwalk development project has been proposed to further integrate Glendale’s growing bicycle and transit networks within the greater Denver metro system. While the City of Glendale is very receptive to Dan Burden’s recommendations, they see the need to conduct a formal traffic analysis before reducing the number of vehicle lanes on Cherry Street. In the meantime, the City has decided to make Birch Street, the next one over from Cherry, a complete street that will connect to Cherry Creek Drive South, extending the street grid by two blocks.

Past Accomplishments

ADA Accessible Bus Shelters

Transportation Solutions worked with the Transit Alliance and the City of Glendale to coordinate the placement of four covered bus shelters in locations where there had previously been only benches. The shelters were made possible by a New Freedom grant. These shelters fit in with their surroundings in the City of Glendale while providing a comfortable locations for all people to wait for the bus.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

The Kentucky Street Bridge to the Cherry Creek trail was completed in early 2013, providing a needed connection to the trail for many Glendale residents. After the collaboration with the City of Denver and the City of Glendale and several personal meetings with Transportation Solutions staff, Denver Public Works committed to an MOU of approximately $100,000 to implement essential safety improvements at the intersection of Kentucky and Cherry Creek South Dr., where pedestrians and cyclists will access the bridge.

In 2012, Glendale’s Mayor Harte used Transportation Solutions’ annual event, The Road Ahead, to publicly cement the agreement with Denver’s Mayor Hancock.

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