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Mission & Goals

Our mission:

To increase the availability and use of transportation choices to improve traffic, air quality, health and economy for businesses and residents in the Denver area.

Guided by our mission, Transportation Solutions is committed to being the preeminent transportation management association in Denver. We serve as a convener, trusted adviser, vital partner, and visible leader that convenes and catalyzes businesses, government, and community entities, through partnerships, policy, and programs to enhance quality of life and economic vitality.

Our goals:

The following program goals outline the ways Transportation Solutions pursues its mission:

Our Service Area

Generally, we serve Central Denver, with a focus on Cherry Creek, Glendale, and the University of Denver. The map below represents our current focus areas.

History and Structure

Transportation Solutions has been in existence as a TMA since 1997. The organization consists of members, a board of directors, and staff. Our Board of Directors is made up of representatives from the public and private sectors, including elected officials and business leaders. Our Members include companies, developers and governmental entities in the area. All of these individuals and organizations are committed to better managing transportation demands in southeast metro Denver.


What is a Transportation Management Association?

Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) emerged in the 1980s as public-private partnerships designed to address traffic congestion and air quality problems in communities throughout the United States. Almost 150 TMAs are in operation today in 29 states and the District of Columbia. The strength of the TMA lies in the ability to bring together multiple organizations and individuals to address and accomplish more than any one government agency, employer, developer, or resident could do alone. Each group has influence on transportation and air quality issues and can contribute significantly to the overall solution. Typical TMA activities range from providing information on available transportation alternatives to taking an active role in site-design elements that can effectively impact travel demand. Transportation Solutions works with six other partner TMAs.

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